Let's Talk About Your Pain


If you're like me, you've been down a few rabbit holes and are trying to climb back out.


You're likely a student of self-help, personal growth or development or have involved yourself in some sort of coaching or therapy at some point (and have come to the conclusion that you need to actually stop trying to self-help and get help from a person who's seen through it).

If that's not you, keep reading anyway.

You've likely been ill-equipped to handle your own emotions. Nobody educated you on HOW to appreciate yourself or your life. In fact, your upbringing probably helped you attach yourself to the idea that being happy is difficult.

As a result, your professional and personal life suffer because you A) can't express yourself and B) you have no one to truly express yourself to and C) you might be addicted to something that's got you distracted from your power, presence and purpose.

You are a creative person, probably a genius, definitely an artist of some type and have been given some pretty amazing starts in life.

You're probably gifted at many things, but truly masterful at things you love to do.

You might have a general feeling of deficient self-worth stemming from a wondering of why you are so talented and have been given so much.

As a result you have a hard time truly narrowing down what it is you would absolutely love to experience in life.


You've had some painful challenges in your past which no one completely helped you resolve and you are still carrying them as emotional gym weights.

This left you without the right emotional armor or capabilities to be able to feel like you function properly and as a result you often experience concern over thinking that you are living a second or two behind your life playing catch up with your own experience.

This probably led you down a path personal development or some type of therapy which has gotten you somewhere, but if you're honest, still has you far from experiencing a sustainable presence and appreciation for your life.

You have probably had poor training from your parents as they just weren't around (or got divorced) and that's left you without and understanding of how to be in ANY relationship meaning...

... you've gone through some relationship pain and grief that you can't seem to let go which has somehow led you to fear being close to another person, literally being scared to make a decision to stay or go in your relationships.

You've been dumped or have had to let go of people and it still hurts, 5 years after and you're emotionally blocked because of it.

You've been with the same person for a long time and are not feeling right with who you are.

You have confidence problems.

You're not engaged in your life as much as you feel you can be.

You're scared of rejection by people in suits and people you're attracted towards.

You stay at home too often instead of going out and knowing you can provide value to people.

You are probably really talented at a lot of things, yet have difficulty getting to work on anything.

You're using drugs as a way to enlighten yourself yet have a hard time deciding whether you are addicted or not.

You have a hard time not re-engaging in things you know you're addicted to even though you have responsibilities that you really need to get a handle on.

You have a hard time narrowing down who you are and what you would love to do AND you have an impossible time asking for and keeping money.

You probably have some wealth that has been given to you and you somehow struggle with level of emotional chaos as a result.

You often feel you have something inside of you that could change people's lives and you know how to get started but you're somehow frightened of starting it, meanwhile, you often take on other responsibilities that appear to detract joy from your life.

If that sounds like you, you know me pretty well.

Now let's look at what you want.

The Results... Period.

What you WANT is to feel more inspired, more often.

You want to feel like you love yourself and can love the people who love you already.

You want to feel like you have a purpose and you can rise to the occasion to get it done.

You want to feel more open to give and receive with less fear in the process.

You want to wake up and feel superior, not inferior.

You want to make setting boundaries an unconscious process so you can spend more time doing what's really important to you.

You want to know what you love doing and how you want to contribute to yourself and others.

You want to accept yourself and feel like your life has zero baggage attached.

You want to be able to communicate better with people and keep your power so you don't go back into passive behaviors which led you to hate your decisions later.

You want to feel more grateful.

You want to feel that you are a lighthouse for your friends and family and can be trusted and relied upon to be an example of excellence.

You want to feel like you can direct yourself and make the right decisions.

You want to feel less rocked by changes in your personal life so you can feel less like a victim and more like a master of your self.

You want to feel appreciative of what others have given you without guilt.

You want to feel appreciative of what you have given to others without resentment.

You want to feel more free from your past emotional pain and instead be able to channel yourself into action.

You want to be able to pay more attention to your life and less attention to the lives of others so you can focus more on what really matters and feel like you're doing something important.

Ultimately... you want to accept yourself, appreciate yourself, forgive yourself and love yourself.