It's time to unlearn what you have learned... and upgrade yourself with better tools to get better results and achieve the Active Appreciation, Self-Awareness and Presence that are the Keys to Being, Here, Now.


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Access to an online group training covering the basics of emotional and personal management. Learn at your own pace and apply the training yourself so you can be your own guide. The goal of this group training is to help you feel more engaged in your life, more appreciative of your value and self-confidence in a sustainable way.

Topics covered included self & other appreciation, self-worth, overcoming negativity & resentment, grief & loss, increasing personal capacities and power, emotional action vs emotional inaction, time management, relationships, addictions, identity & vision planning.


Personal Packages and Concierge Services

Work in person with me to help you clear whatever emotion, feeling or mental misfire that you feel is holding you back from feeling complete with your life so that you can move forward with clarity, decisiveness and certainty that you are and will continue to feel fulfilled by your self.

My personal coaching is geared towards helping creative artists, performers and other professionals overcome self-worth issues, relationship challenges, grief, lifestyle addictions, anger, shame, guilt and fears so that you can reveal your authentic desires for yourself, take more action that help you feel more alive and live a daily emotional life of sustainable appreciation, awareness and abundance. 

I also offer a concierge service for Clients with a high-net-worth or high-wealth inheritance who are struggling with the responsibilities of their ancestry, family needs and mindset capabilities to ensure a continued legacy. I offer services specifically geared towards raising your personal clarity, confidence and capabilities so that you can handle the gifts your family has given you. Send me a private message explaining your privacy requirements and I will connect with you.