"Stephan is a brilliant mind who is multi-talented and self-taught. He is an introvert yet I could see right into him in a weird way. He exudes genius, ingenuity, creativity and sensitivity, yet I could see the depth of his wounded soul – we all have the wounds, some more hidden than others. The beauty of Stephan is that he was humbled by them, not angry or resentful – Stephan is an exceptional human being who could teach the world a few things. Continue to follow your dreams AND heart! You are on your way young man!!! So proud of you! TRULY! Keep it up!"

- Katrina Campins - Luxury Real Estate


"Blown away and inspired by your insights, transparency and deep wisdom Stephan. You are a spiritual teacher and amazing guide. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and open-hearted realizations. Just brilliant.”

- Bill Brakemeier - Executive & Spiritual Coach


“Stephan Gardner has a genius when it comes to human behavior and the mind-body connection. He is a brilliant teacher and coach and his positive, patient energy is inspiring.”

- Skye Collyer - Business Development & Sales Professional


"In 2010, I developed kidney infections that caused my body to wind up urinating blood – and with sometimes severe back pain around the area where my kidneys were. My belief to this day is that I’d been carrying with me the burden of incompletes from the past that had finally reached the critical mass point and were now running amok in my physical system. We worked for 24 hours solid. I wrote down a long, long list of every single thing, person, and event or body part that I’d experienced grief or turmoil over – and we chipped away at it. In the moment where I cleared, my kidneys cleared – and I haven’t had issues with them since. I recall sitting on the floor in Stephan’s apartment and I had the most surreal sensation. It was as though the energy inside of my body flipped and I sat there, with my eyes closed, rocking back and forth gently. It was like my body and mind and heart had just met again after time apart. It was extraordinary."

- Emily Gowor - Author, Speaker


"My views on things have changed 100% since I have met you. My life is perfect (or perfectly imperfect) and since I've realized this, Jay and I have been flourishing. Not only relationship wise, but business also. We live in gratitude, for real. It's easy to say you're thankful but until you REALLY get it, and feel gratitude, you're just saying thank you. :)  I thank YOU on a regular basis!"

- Sarah Gates - Halifax, Nova Scotia


"Stephan, thanks again for yesterday. I have just completed a song I have been stuck on for months. Cheers."

- Thomas Wade - Musician & Songwriter, Toronto, Ontario


"My session with Stephan provided tremendous insight into a challenge from my past that I had not been consciously aware of. With his guidance, I was able to breakthrough my intellectual indifference and uncover a blessing deep within my unconscious mind. Most importantly, I was able to 'get out of my head' and into my heart, and experience a deeper conscious appreciation for the divine order of the universe. Thank you Stephan for sharing your unique approach, and helping me discover a hidden blessing and a key to my purpose and vision in life."

- Enette Pauzé - Oakville, Ontario


"I had a major victory on Friday. I spoke in front of 200 people, just the way I wrote it. I am giving you the credit. The tool you gave me made the difference. Thank you."

- Gaylen Zander - Dallas, Texas

"Last night and this morning I owned my stats and my ability to create change for a client. This morning at a business meeting I was introduced to other large business owners, with no guidance from myself, as the most ground breaking nutritionist out there. After that I had the most powerful session I’ve ever had in my life. How wild!"

- Mary Pietras Kline

"One of my students and friend who I've coached with the Demartini Method and I had also done your Visionary Method with her with many hours of self love and appreciation. She’s is out of here at 2 pm with assisted suicide. I truly love myself for what I have given her and what she has given me. I am so grateful for you guys here. I love you and I love you Stephan for what you have given me. It’s definitely kicked me into a different level of love."

Elizabeth Williams Froslev