So you want to upgrade?

Read more about my online Re-Program - Mission Inspired.


Here's what you are technically in for...

  • Monthly Subscription of Online Seminar instruction complete with weekly Q&As and assigned brain-work so get you ready to completely transform how your live your life.

  • Training in the Integrated Appreciation & Fair Exchange Process (this will replace all your self-help books and either replace or radically improve your existing personal development efforts).

  • Training in my Transcending Problems process which helps you plan your way easily out of chaos that never seems to go away.

  • Training in my Visionary Method process which can help get more congruent with what you really need to be doing in your life so you can feel better about your decisions and actually start noticing the right changes being made in your life.

  • My guidance as a TV producer (and thus educated brain-washer who has a strong desire to reset your programming) turned entrepreneur and advice on how to set yourself free from the poverty lifestyle.

Here's what you are going to experience as a result...

  • An epic BURNING of your self-help material... if you want.
  • An epic upgrade in your desire and ability to take care of your well being (spiritual, mental, vocational, financial, family, social, physical) and those who you care about.
  • A stable mind without thoughts always running through your head so you can actually calm down, get some sleep, think through things and take care of business.
  • A sustainable feeling of freedom from dis-empowerment, guilt or hesitation when it comes to certain relationships you may or might have had that have confused the righteousness out of you.
  • A massive removal of the resistance you might have towards claiming your place in the world, which really means a strong and growing desire to be one of the fittest (financially and otherwise) so you can stop fighting every day just to 'make a living'.
  • More levels of awesome and sustainable confidence.
  • A deep recognition of the value you offer and have to offer yourself and others so you can walk with ease instead of anxiety, start transformation your current relationships so you feel capable and powerful connecting with new people who can help you in your endeavors.
  • Believe in yourself and your dream.
  • Go beyond addiction and access your internal chemistry so you can self-fulfill and feel fantastic while feeling like you can completely trust yourself to keep it up.
  • Stop judging yourself and others and instead just appreciate the way things are so you can feel centered and stay focused on what needs to be done instead of going into angry fantasies that just demotivate you - and then wonder how to fix yourself.
  • Oh and... stop trying to fix yourself and your (btw) non-existent limiting beliefs, your non-existent lopsided perceptions and throw away all the booklets you have explaining the 'human needs everybody has' that some NLP guru said apply to you (which have totally taken you off track)

Most importantly, you can start feeling the way you want to feel and then start living the way you want to live.

This training is $399 USD per Month. Ready to start?