Subscription Plans

(There is a 13% tax I need to include on option 3. These rates are for existing group members only. Prices are going up for newbies.)


1) Pay As You Go

Pay as you go for people who need to split up payments or require direct invoicing. Basically, the way it's been for you. If this is what you need, click the button below and send me an email so I can put your name on my invoice wall and keep you in the group!

2) Recurring Plan $100 USD Monthly

This is for those who want to not have to deal with invoicing, transferring or paypal every month and just want to automatically withdrawal starting now and for 2018. You can cancel anytime, but this option will get the headache of exchange out of the way.

3) Annual Lump Sum $1000 USD

This is for those who are interested to pay for 2018 in full and save themselves $200. This will get you in for the year for 2018.