The Dr Nima Movie Project


Requirements - $100/Hour Rate for Editing.

Availability - 5 (min) to 10-20 hours / week.

Progress Indicators:

  • Time Start/Stop

  • Meme Style Screenshots (for KPI and/or pre-launch movie marketing). Stephan will share photos / videos on his own social media also, to tell the story of producing the film and also the history behind it.

  • Daily Work Write Up

  • Rendered File to show work completed.


Weekly Meeting to go over edits/changes as we go (instead of change everything after one version is done).

Ongoing Needs Document to document what we might need to shoot next time we are together (although intention of the film is to utilize pre-existing content).

Stephan will pre-mark micro content for the option of producing later.

Stephan will provide a Drop Box Folder for all materials to review.