Your History Appreciates When You Appreciate Your History.


If you're like me, you are a creative person, probably a genius, definitely an artist of some type and have been given some pretty amazing starts in life.

You're probably gifted at many things, but truly masterful at things you love to do.

You might have a general feeling of deficient self-worth stemming from a wondering of why you are so talented and have been given so much.

As a result you have a hard time truly narrowing down what it is you would absolutely love to experience in life.


You've had some painful challenges in your past which no one completely helped you resolve and you are still carrying them as emotional gym weights.

This left you without the right emotional armor or capabilities to be able to feel like you function properly and as a result you often experience concern over thinking that you are living a second or two behind your life playing catch up with your own experience.

This probably led you down a path personal development which has gotten you somewhere, but if you're honest, still has you far from experiencing a sustainable state of awareness.

You've gone through some relationship pain and grief which has somehow led you to fear being close to another person, literally being scared to make a decision to stay or go in your relationships.

You've been dumped or have had to let go of people and it still hurts, 5 years after and you're emotionally blocked because of it.

You've been with the same person for a long time and are not feeling right in it

You have confidence problems.

You're not engaged in your life as much as you feel you can be.

You're scared of rejection.

You stay at home too often instead of going out and knowing you can provide value to people.

You are probably really talented at a lot of things, yet have difficulty getting to work on anything.

You're using drugs as a way to enlighten yourself.

You have a hard time narrowing down who you are and what you would love to do AND you have an impossible time asking for and keeping money.

You probably have some wealth that has been given to you and you somehow struggle with level of emotional chaos as a result.

You often feel you have something inside of you that could change people's lives and you know how to get started but you're somehow frightened of starting it, meanwhile, you often take on other responsibilities that appear to detract joy from your life.

If that sounds like you, you know me pretty well.

Now let me show you WHY and how we can help each other grow.