Your History Appreciates When You Appreciate Your History.


I'm Stephan Gardner (and that's my wife Diana) and I help train professionals (mainly creative artists) to increase their self-awareness so they can feel more capable and powerful on the path of achieving their vision.

My mission is to be an influential visionary in the space of human psychology, creativity and purpose. To be understood and regarded as a unique and original genius for my use of music and the power of voice and be known as the man who got the world to chant.

To work with the art forms of yoga, music and film to guide people to greater self-worth, self-awareness and spiritual gratitude to result in expressing their true voice and purpose in life. To be supported by a following of hundreds of thousands of friends around the world as people chant to heart opening melodies that removing illusions and judgment from your life. To shift the current paradigm of human psychology around the world and awaken people to their vision for life by building the a visionary center to help creative minds open up to their power and capabilities to appreciate who they are and how they help others.

Finally, to break free of my own limitations I have ever experienced by being the guy I never thought I could be by experiencing open self-expression of my own voice and value where I sing for audiences and share presence as we enter a state of experience and appreciation of the beauty of life itself. 


I'm a former television producer who discovered I was worth way more than I was giving to my life. I found my voice, I let it shine and I found my place in the world. Through the things I learned along my journey, I found myself having amazing value to people as a coach for creative minds needing stabilizing and sanity in their emotions. I worked in business and political news for a decade while spending my evenings, weekends and vacations attending training seminars for personal development.

I strongly believe that I took a career in television because I wanted to understand my own programming as a child. My best friend was the television as kid and a career in television helped me understand how it's made and how it affects people (it is called television programming). This was a confirmed discovery I made early in my 'therapist' career when I was confronted with a client who had gone to see 35 different psychologists before ending up on my sofa. Through a hypnotherapy session, I discovered that the root of her depression and bipolar condition was rooted in her literally building her social life as a child around the television show Dawson's Creek.

This one session changed my entire understanding of how responsible (or not) people really are for their psychological well being and how important it is to maintain self-awareness and appreciation so you don't become overpowered and hypnotized by outside influences.

After these early client experiences, I continued learning from the teachers I resonated with and over time, I realized that giving a Ferrari to a five year old (high level psychological tools to a mind not ready for it) can lead to a disaster. This became my story and I ended up being addicted to self-help, alcohol and cannabis, even though I was told I had the best tools available to transform and empower my life. This led me into the physical discipline of yoga (and cannabis) which totally changed how I felt about my life and helped me appreciate what self-help and personal development is really about: selling you a band-aid to your own self created story of suffering.

The merger of medicine and yoga helped me understand that what people truly need is to feel good inside of themselves. We live in a culture where most people are deficient in their own control over their own chemistry. We don't feel fulfilled and as a result, we exist with negativity which produces it's own range of crap behaviors and emotions that lead us down the rabbit hole.

The reality is, the deeper you go down the rabbit hole, the darker it becomes.

I learned that the right way to achieve 'personal growth' is to remove what keeps you from feeling like you are not growing. This has everything to do with your ability to appreciate the people and experiences that have contributed to your life AND what you have contributed back to them in fair exchange. Without these two elements, you will run away from yourself and always feel something other than a natural state of flow, stability and gratitude.

It took me 10 years of personal development to understand how to deconstruct even the most 'advanced' psychological tools that everyone loves to spend money on learning, thinking that they next shiny tool will change their life. In reality, what changes your life is you, appreciating the life you have, which creates the emotional possibility of natural progression.

If you feel it's time for you to return to who you TRULY are, I might be good fit for you. I've been down the rabbit holes, I've peeled back the onions, I've done the shamanic spirit mother and father paths and eventually realized that the deeper you go down the rabbit hole, the darker it gets. When you peel an onion, you find more onion and you still cry and the shamanic paths (without the right training) can lead you into total disassociation from your real life.

All said, I might be a good fit. I might not, but I might.